Howdy, I’m Shad Roi

I’m a Web Developer and a Growth Hacker currently working at Symph and YYY Jobs. I'm also the Community Lead for GDG Cebu and Startup Weekend Cebu. You can find my recent blog on Medium

About Me

I’ve been obsessed lately with Growth hacking and techniques that can automate processes. Working in the tech industry has been my passion. I started creating my first website at the age of 10 and developed more than 100+ websites since and worked with different clients from USA, Canada, UAE, Australia, and the Philippines.

I’ve been very passionate about startups and creating solutions using technology. In 2014, I moved to Cebu to start my first company in transportation advertising but unfortunately failed a year after. I worked with an Australian digital marketing firm which I ended my term on June 2017 and started my completely new role at Symph. Symph is a top Cebu-based mobile, web design and development studio known for its young-modern culture and work environment.

Given with a role of Special Operations dealing mostly with the company’s internal affairs, I saw an opportunity that needs to be focused on which opened the door for me towards growth hacking our company and startup projects. I got involved since with YYY Jobs, one of the projects of Symph that is focused in providing jobs for the Blue-collared market.

Since 2015, I've also worked with the local Google Developer Group to help organize and build the local developers community. You can follow GDG Cebu on our website and social network.

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Drop me a message to say hello, ask me a question or check my work availability. I’m always happy to say hello and answer any questions you might have.

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